Rocco Baldelli Blows Gasket on Umpires After Overturned Play at Plate

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The Minnesota Twins were trying to take three of four vs the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday afternoon. But after a late Twins comeback tied the contest at 2-2, teams went to extras where, in 2022, winners are decided by each team’s ability to hit a ghost runner in from 2nd base.

And that’s when shit hit the fan. With one out and the ghost runner (Whit Merrifield) now on 3rd, Cavan Biggio hit a short fly ball out to Tim Beckham in left field, who fired home, trying to beat Merrifield’s tag up. The assist appeared successful, until a review overturned the out. Catcher Gary Sanchez, according to the MLB review office, blocked the plate.

The MLB rule book is vague on what constitutes “blocking the plate“, but the catcher is supposed to give the runner a path to home plate UNLESS he has the ball in hand OR he’s making an attempt to play the ball.

Rocco Blows Up

Given that explanation, Merrifield appears out. But, an argument can be made either way. Unless you ask Rocco Baldelli, who was absolutely convinced that this was the worst overturn in Major League Baseball history.

Normally, Rocco is the coolest cucumber in the dugout. But he absolutely lost his mind after this call, throwing his hat and spitting in umpire faces like we were throwing it back to Lou Pinella in the 90’s. By far one of Baldelli’s best moments as Minnesota Twins manager. And if you thought he was done, after being tossed, you’d be wrong. Rocco picked up right where he left off during the postgame press conference.

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