Rick Spielman is TikTok’s Latest Draft Expert

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Approximately one year ago, Rick Spielman was sitting in the Minnesota Vikings war room at TCO Performance Center, preparing for the 2021 NFL Draft. Back then, Slick Rick was King of Swing in that building. The guy who had final say on all Vikings’ personnel decisions, a position he’d held for a decade.

Spielman would hold a press conferences or two every season and the media would flood into the room to hang on every word falling from his mouth. Afterward, he’d hear his voice on KFAN, see his face on the front page of the Star Tribune. Social media detectives would pick apart every sentence like there was a code to be found in-between.


Now, just 12 months later, Rick Spielman’s draft prowess has been relegated to his new TikTok account, which has 1,719 followers at the writing of this blog. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

@rickspielman Insight into who I think are the two most explosive wide receivers in this years draft! #nfl#nfldraft#widereciever#verticlejump#playmakers#alabama#ohiost ♬ original sound – Rick Spielman
@rickspielman Why teams do not traditionally trade players during the @nfl Draft #nfl#nfldraft#trades#ontheclock ♬ original sound – Rick Spielman

Rick Spielman adventuring out and trying new things is a commendable quality. But I can’t help but wonder why he’s doing these videos on his own TikTok account and not on one of the many cable sports channels on my TV, or even already well-established online outlets. Maybe this is the way he wants to do things… but that feels unlikely. Did all of those sit downs with various media outlets, after his firing, not lead to a job offer?

Internet Advice

If Rick wants to get a few more views on these videos, he should invite his friend Mike Zimmer for a TikTok RickTok sit down. I know you’re new to the game, Mr. Spielman, but this isn’t TCO Performance Center anymore. The internet is a cut-throat world and views are hard to come by. Getting the first “on the record” interview with Zimmer, since his firing, could be the exact boost your TikTok needs and could show potential employers you’re serious about this media thing.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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