REPORT: Stefon Diggs Signing 5 Year Extension with Vikings Tuesday

The Vikings front office (Rob Brzezinski) continued to wave their magic salary cap wand on Tuesday morning. This time, it pointed at arguably the most popular player on the entire roster. In extending Stefon Diggs, they sign another core player to a team-friendly deal, expected to be in the range of $14M/year for 5 years.

At first glance, $14 Million per year seems like a lot of money (in our real lives, it is), but consider this:

Diggs is just 24 years old and carries a $16.3M calculated valuation according to, a leading salary cap website for all professional sports. Just recently, Wide Receivers such as Brandin Cooks ($16.2M/year), Sammy Watkins ($16M/year), Jarvis Landry ($15.1M/year), and Davante Adams ($14.5M/year) all have recently signed contracts worth more money.

Diggs also lead the NFL in contested catch rate last year, ahead of names such as Michael Thomas (4) and Antonio Brown (8). (Thielen ranked #6 in case anyone was wondering..)

For all of you non- believers (if any are left):

You better get off of the tracks because this SKOL Train is ROLLING!

Brandon Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan

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