Report: 49ers are Coming for Kirk Cousins

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Just when we thought the Kirk Cousins trade rumors were over, a new week has milled in a fresh batch that includes a WHOPPER involving the Minnesota Vikings QB. Reportedly, per checkmark Evan Massey, the San Francisco 49ers are “looking to make a move” on a QB and Cousins is a name to “keep an eye on”.

Should Spielman and Co be open to wheeling and dealing #8, Massey claims San Fran “will push hard to acquire him”.

I’m yet to see this rumor confirmed elsewhere but it just dropped and Massey has some street-cred (and a checkmark). I’ll keep an eye out for any supporting or contradictory reports.

Shanahan + Cousins = Love

But look, I (along with just about everyone else who cares) have always been intrigued with the Niners as potential trade partners for the Vikings, should they ever want to deal away Kirk Cousins. Why? Their head coach, Kyle Shanahan, loves him and coached him in Washington.

Shanahan’s desire to roster Kirk will dictate the legitimacy of this “move” the 49ers are “looking to make”. If they want to give up a couple of those draft picks stocked up in San Francisco’s gold mines, then I’m sure Rick Spielman would be happy to pick up the phone and listen.

Trade Kirk now or never.

Remember, ditching Kirk Cousins via trade (before March 20) is the only easy way for the the Minnesota Vikings to slip out of his contract without having to worry about massive cap penalties or guaranteed money for 2022 and beyond.

Trading Cousins now would create a clean breakup that costs the Vikings $20 million in dead cap for this season alone, and then allow them to move on.

If legitimate, we’ll soon find out just how much Mike Zimmer likes Kirk Cousins.

Side note: this 3-team trade proposed on Twitter was created by God, to make the world a better place.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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