Report: Twins Want Star Upgrade at Shortstop

It has been reported all offseason that the Minnesota Twins could be looking to for a new middle infielder. If they were to make a change, the new guy would, more than likely, be a shortstop.

The plethora of MLB-ready young talent at Falvine’s disposal has other front offices blowing their phones off the hook, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. He specifically mentions Luis Arraez as a guy teams covet, who the Twins would be willing to unload.

What kind of shortstop are Thad Levine and Derek Falvey looking for, you ask? Have you heard of two major leaguers named, Francisco Lindor or Trevor Story?

Might Twins make a move at short?

The Twins, like all teams deep in young talent, are drawing trade interest in their upper-level prospects and major leaguers under long-term control. The potential to deal one of those major leaguers, second baseman Luis Arraez, creates an interesting scenario in which the Twins could move shortstop Jorge Polanco to second and either sign a free-agent shortstop or trade for a 2021-22 free agent at the position — say, the Indians’ Francisco Lindor or Rockies’ Trevor Story.

Ken Rosenthal – The Athletic

Rosenthal doesn’t just throw out big names like that without steam behind them. The best part? The Twins’ front office doesn’t have to do anything. They can sit back and watch the offers role in. They are in the ultimate power position on any trade talks.

Short-term Upgrade

Both Trevor Story and Francisco Lindor have just one year left on their contracts so they’d be short-term solutions. But as Rosenthal mentions, that’s not a negative thing for the Twins. They have a future shortstop nearly ready for the MLB, in Royce Lewis.

Would the Twins be willing to pay top dollar for one year of Lindor or Story? I can promise you this. They’re much more likely to pay 1-year, $20 million, than they are to pay 5-years, $100 million.

We’ve discussed the more than adequate amount of money the Twins still have in their budget for the 2021 season. The lack of time under contract means less the Twins have to give back in a trade too. This really could be the perfect storm for a big move.

But Ken Rosenthal didn’t stop there.

Even if the Twins can’t rope in Lindor or Story, he mentions them as major players in the top shortstop free agents too, including Marcus Semian and Didi Gregorious.

The answer to both questions might very well be no, so from the Twins’ perspective, a two-year deal for Marcus Semien might make sense. Semien and Didi Gregorius, the other top free-agent shortstop, are in almost a Catch-22 position. They probably do not want to sign for one year and then compete with Lindor, Story and company in the open market next offseason. But teams likely will be unwilling to give them multi-year commitments if they are interested in the younger, flashier members of next year’s shortstop class.

Ken Rosenthal – The Athletic

It’s fun to think about, isn’t it? Josh Donaldson and Francisco Lindor playing the left side of your infield would be truly elite on both offense and defense.

I’m not sure who will be playing shortstop for the Minnesota Twins on opening day, but I would bet it’s not Jorge Polanco.

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan