REPORT: Miguel Sano Involved in Incident Where Cop was Run Over at 3AM

Reports released on Monday morning say Miguel Sano will NOT be charged criminally for this accident. CLICK HERE to read the updated story after today’s news released.

Wow, we are getting close to game time for the Vikings and I see this tweet from esteemed local Twins writer, Brandon Warne (The Athletic/Zone Coverage):

Sure enough, I found the article with more help from Brandon’s Twitter account. It’s in Spanish but I ran it through Google translate and it seems pretty clear that Miguel Sano was involved with a car that ran over a police officer in his hometown of San Pedro de Macorís.


Here is more from Mariana Guzman, who seems VERY qualified to break this. She’s written about the Twins and for the MLB and in Spanish.

Obviously, this isn’t good… But, these are the first details releasing on the situation. So, we’ll keep you up-to-date from here and will have opinions stated once more facts come out. There is no statement at this time from the Minnesota Twins but I’d expect one VERY soon.

UPDATE: (4:00 PM 10/7/18)

More is coming out. None of it looks good. It seems as though Miguel was the driver, was arrested, and eventually bailed out. It also is being reported that he didn’t have any identification and the vehicle didn’t have any plates… It looks to be a hit and run.

There are even scarier rumors out there….


So far, all that’s come out since the last update was this statement from the Twins. Very generic. Tomorrow should bring a bunch of updates since he is set to appear in court at 9 AM (DRT) or 8 AM (CST). We’ll be here when we hear/see something.

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