“Real Conversations” Can’t Take Place When Only One Opinion is Allowed

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A lot of emotions are flying around the sports world right now. Games and practices have been cancelled in recent days and difficult conversations have taken place inside the locker rooms of major pro sports teams across the country. That includes Minnesota.

The Twins postponed their game against the Cleveland Indians yesterday. The Vikings had a reported 2-hour-long locker room talk, before eventually taking the practice field. The Timberwolves and Wild may be out of the NBA and NHL bubbles, but they haven’t been off of our push notifications and social media feeds.

Allow “Real Conversations” on Twitter and Get Back to Me

While those locker room heart-to-heart rap sessions might be helpful and organic for those involved, they mean nothing if we still can’t have those same “difficult conversations” in the public sector. When athletes, entertainers and reporters (checkmarks) log onto Twitter or turn on their microphones to talk about social issues, the conversation must start with an agreement that cops purposefully target, and even hunt, black people. If you don’t hold that core belief, then you are not allowed to have your opinion.

One of the latest “examples” was made yesterday, of former Chicago Bear Linebacker, Brian Urlacher, who used instagram to speak his honest mind. Clearly, the energy he brought into the current “conversation” surrounding social injustice, was different than what is “allowed” by the checkmark protectors mainstream media outlets like ESPN.

Cancel Brian Urlacher

I called it right when I saw it. The checkmarks were going to come for Brian Urlacher and he would be silenced and shut down. Sure enough, by the end of the day, even the Chicago Bears organization had “distanced themselves” from Urlacher because of his “racially insensitive” comments, as Bleacher Report headlined it.

Not only that, but Brian Urlacher has been blasted by every checkmark tweeting in the last 24 hours. There’s nobody coming to his defense. Why? Not because nobody agrees with him, but because nobody wants to be the next Brian Urlacher or the next Drew Brees. It’s way easier to keep your mouth shut (which many are telling Urlacher to do anyway).

Jamal Crawford is Absolutely Right.

There are a lot more “Brian Urlachers” out there. Guess what, there are a lot more “Brian Urlachers” in all walks of life. Not everyone agrees that cops are a bunch of racists. That is the “conversation” that needs to be happening. Checkmarks and MSM want to pretend like THAT conversation is already over and they want to skip to the next step.

On social media and inside most mainstream media outlets, there are no “Brian Urlachers”. Why? We once lived in a world where media outlets and reporters felt it was important to connect with their constituents. They felt they represented the voice of their listeners, viewers and/or readers.

Today, that doesn’t matter. If it did, our dialogue would be a lot further along Why? Because the public is split down the middle on police brutality issues and how it pertains to race. So media and the questions they ask, regarding these highly volatile issues, should be more split too. Media members don’t care about what their readers/listeners/viewers think anymore though. They care about what other media members (other blue checkmarks) think.

Ravens Call for Injustice and ESPN Loves It?

All of the major executives running places like ESPN, allow just one type of opinion. Here, Adam Schefter admits that his boss (ESPN) called this statement by the Baltimore Ravens, the “greatest statement he’s ever seen”.

The statement demands the arrest of police officers involved in these recent shootings. Everyone in “Checkmark World”, has decided that these police-involved deaths are open and shut cases. If up to them, the cops involved would already be in prison. They don’t care what the law or the public has to say…. even if the public is split on the issue. To them, it just means half of the population is racist.

We’ve allowed this to become acceptable practice in the sports media world and I’m just over it. If my small, standalone, website has to be the voice of reason, then so be that sad reality.

Sports World Worse Than Politics Right Now

The political chastising and liberal echo-chamber is worse in sports than what you see in politics. Over there, you have outlets that cover politics from both sides, at all levels. In the sports world, other than some smaller outlets like “Outkick the Coverage“, you get nothing but one-sided opinions. Real conversations aren’t allowed. Just ask Brian Urlacher.. or Darryl Strawberry. Until that changes, nothing will change.

If you don’t want conversation, then fine… but stop asking for it.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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