Rashod Bateman Opts Back Out…

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Rashod Bateman has opted back out of the 2020 college football season and will not play in anymore games with the Minnesota Gophers. Bateman made his announcement in a social media post.

Good for Rashod… but…

Rashod Bateman is destined for the NFL and will likely return to his former agent, Blake Barantz, right here in Minnesota. I hope the dude gets drafted in the 1st round and goes on to become an NFL Hall of Famer. Following him from his epic recruitment and through a record-breaking sophomore season, will be something I never forget.

But I’m not going to celebrate this move. I don’t blame him for making a business decision to leave the Gophers early again, but that doesn’t mean I have to respect what he’s doing either.

Be ready to finish what you start…. or don’t start.

There’s a lot of money on the line and an injury could cost Bateman millions of dollars. I’ve never had that kind of money on the line when making a decision based on my own moral code… but why opt-in if you’re just going to bail as soon as things go poorly?

I was taught to finish things you start. This season is now 5 games in and your teammates are going through a disappointing and difficult year. Opting back out early just because the Gophers aren’t competitive in the Big Ten West anymore? Is he opting out right now if Minnesota’s 5-0…? Probably not.

But again… I’ve never had millions of dollars on the line so who the fuck am I to talk? I hope Rashod takes the NFL by storm in 2021 and becomes a football legend.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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