Rally Squirrel Blesses Twins with 11 Runs in Victory Over White Sox

Photo: @Twins - Twitter
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Look, I don’t know WTF is going on at Target Field with this squirrel but if it brings a bunch of Minnesota Twins runs everytime it makes an appearance, then we need to make it easier for the Rally Squirrel to get on the field. But first, let’s go back in time a little bit before diving deep into what happenend last night, because this isn’t the Target Field squirrel’s first appearance… nor the second (in reference to Monday night).

No, the Target Field squirrel has been around for a long time. It was May of 2010 and the Twins were enjoying their new ballpark. They were embarking on a season that they didn’t yet know would lead to their last playoff series for 9 years (until hopefully this season). We were playing the Yankees when we first met our new furry friend:

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What a life for a squirrel, living in a ballpark. I’m sure there is food to find everywhere and you know there are great spaces everywhere to hide, rest, and do other squirrely things. This fucking thing has been living there since it was built! I’ll bet nobody knows that stadium better than this squirrel. Someone even made T-Shirts, when they took down the trees beyond center field, to improve the batter’s eye.

Unfortunately, the rally squirrel didn’t lead to any runs back in 2010 (Twins lost 1-0) vs the Yankees but, as mentioned above, 2010 was the last time we made the playoffs so we might as well throw some credit the squirrel’s way, for that.

But the squirrel has now appeared in two straight games and has brought runs in both appearances, including the 1st inning on Monday night and an awakening in the 5th last night, that netted the Twins 11 more runs by the end of the 8th, to turn a 3-3 butt-clencher into a 14-4 blowout.

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I don’t know what this squirrel is paying for rent inside of Target Field or what kind of juju powers it holds but if it is going to continue bringing runs after it disrupts a game, then that little asshole can do whatever it wants!

Just leave the lawnmower at home and out of the stands……

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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