Power Pays Off; Twins Teams of Our Past Don’t Win Games Like Last Night

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - AUGUST 16: Jonathan Schoop #16 of the Minnesota Twins at bat against the Texas Rangers in the top of the second inning at Globe Life Park in Arlington on August 16, 2019 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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The Twins only put two runners in scoring position all of Friday night vs the Texas Rangers. It wasn’t their best showing of the season offensively… but power pays off. The Twins teams of our past would never have won last night’s game. It would have been one of those classic 3-1 big game losses of our past… but power pays off…

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I lost at least 3 months of my life last night but it was totally worth it. Mike Minor was lights-fucking-out but that’s what makes this Twins team so great, because it only takes one batter, on one pitch, in one moment. Sure baseball is always like that, but this team is different… like historically on-pace to smash the HR record — different.

But it still feels weird, because when does Minnesota ever have the biggest, most bad-ass anything? We’re always happy to be the sneaky, scratch and claw (not white claw) your way to the middle of the pack, underdog-type. But, the Twins lineup is the most feared in baseball and Nelson Cruz isn’t even in it right now… or Byron Buxton, who the Twins are WAY better with BTW.

The most memorable Twins slogan in my lifetime is the “Smell ’em” team from 2006. You might smell this Twins team but before you can do anything about it, Max Kepler might punch you in the face with the first pitch of the game. Then, his friends pile on and before you know it; you’re crying, I’m smiling, your wife and kids left you, and there are 6 runs on the board.

To think that the most historic offense in MLB history will be the 2019 Minnesota Twins… sorry, let me put my erection away..

This baseball team is a perfect example of what we’re preaching at Minnesota Sports Fan. There is no reason why Minnesota teams can’t reach greatness. If the Twins can set the MLB home run record, then fuck… anything is possible.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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