Ponder vs Bridgewater… I’m Sorry.

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The Ponder Bit. 

So, I want to start by sending my dearest apologies to #VikingsTwitter after of my actions this morning.  They were cruel, uncalled for, and probably made some people pretty upset.  Mediocre QB play will do that to Twitter and I knew better.  However, let me explain to you how the “Ponder Bit” this morning came into existence.

There I was at Winter Park in April of 2011, still drunk from the Twins game earlier that day.  Everyone was hyped! We were on the clock with a top-12 pick and none of us could have been more excited to see who we were going to add.  Coming off of the misery of 2010, we needed something or someone to give us hope.  

With the 12th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select…  Christian Ponder.  Quarterback Florida State.”

The mood in the room went from hope to anger in a split second…  I remember an echoing of “who?” Some people were using obscenities that I couldn’t repeat in-front of other adults.  I remember stumbling around, wishing we had picked Prince Amakamura because I thought our defense was so bad, maybe he’d suck less than the rest of them.  The pick was made though, and it was a situation where ‘let’s hope we are all wrong and he makes us all look like idiots…’  

I’ll admit it, though. By the time 2011 got under way, and CP took over for McChicken, I was excited.  He played well in his first start against GB, and 2012 was such a fun year that there were acutal reasons to be optimistic in Ponder’s future… Maybe he could take the next step…

…but we all know how that turned out.  

Fast forward….

Ponder has become the one name that you can cast out into the “Twitterverse” and always get a bite. ALWAYS.  Someone out there is going to take it seriously, overreact and cause me to laugh hysterically.  I’ll tweet things here and there when I’m bored, which gives me vast entertainment.  I own an autographed Ponder jersey that I’ll wear to a few games a year and it’s actually incredible the comments I get. People are so angry about a draft pick that didn’t work out, as if Troy Williamson, Erasmus James, and Dimitrius Underwood don’t exist.  

The bit will continue, I’ll continue to get joy from it and honestly, take a step back and laugh.  Sports are supposed to be fun. 

For the record.  

I think it’s clear Teddy is a better pro QB than Ponder. 

Because I have eyeballs.  

Brian Heintz | Minnesota Sports Fan

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