Plane Lands on I-35W in Arden Hills and Crashes into Car

Here’s some breaking news for you. A plane has made an emergency landing on Highway I-35W in Arden Hills, MN. There haven’t been any videos of the actual crash that have come out yet but we do have video and some pictures of the plane still embedded into the car. By some divine miracle, nobody involved was injured.

**UPDATE (Dec. 3, 10:28 AM): A video has finally been released! Watch this…

This video puts the puzzle pieces you see below, together. The pilot looks like he would have made a clean landing if it wasn’t for the car that was right in front of him.

I can’t imagine being the driver who’s head-banging to Britney Spears’, “You Drive Me Crazy”, just to look up into my rearview mirror and see a fucking plane about to slice me in half with its wing. Do you think the plane had a horn?

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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