PJ Fleck Says He is Re-Recruiting Rashod Bateman

In the most interesting news so far this Tuesday, PJ Fleck just told the Big Ten Network that he hasn’t given up hopes on Rashod Bateman playing for the University of Minnesota, when they kickoff on the weekend of October 23-24. In fact, he’s already re-recruiting him.

“Any chance you would try to revisit that decision [to declare for NFL Draft, with Rashod Bateman]”

PJ: “Haha, already have. The first text I got to him was, ‘are you sure?’. So, there’s a lot of things that [are] involved in that, after somebody declares and what they’ve actually taken and things that they’ve done as they’ve gone forward with their agency. But that was one of my first text messages. As a recruiter at heart, we’re going to do everything we can.

PJ Fleck – via Big Ten Network

If PJ Fleck is messing with me right now, then shame on him… I cannot describe how excited this got me. If Rashod Bateman can somehow come back and play for the Gophers, after originally opting out over a month ago, it completely changes the outlook for their 2020 season.

Is it Possible

You wouldn’t think so, based on standard NCAA rules. If Rashod Bateman has accepted money or anything else, then he’s supposed to be out. I cannot confirm what he has or has not accepted, either.

HOWEVER, there is a lot happening in the Big Ten right now and Bateman isn’t the only one who declared, either before or after the conference announced it was postponing the season. Could the NCAA allow a one-time waiver, if those former student athletes are able to cut ties with any professional contracts or agencies they’ve signed with? Many, who are much more plugged in than I am, seem to think it’s very possible.

Full Interview with BTN and Fleck

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan