PJ Fleck Gets 1-Year Extension Through 2023

Make the Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit Michigan and get a contract extension.

Before everyone starts going insane and burning down buildings around Minneapolis as they try to find reasons to why Fleck would get another contract extension (his second in two years) when all he has done is lead the Gophers to bad-mediocre seasons.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Fleck gets another year added onto his contract at the end of every year. It just shows the kids he is recruiting that his job is stable and that he’ll be there for that kid’s full time at the university. 

In all reality, Fleck can still leave when he wants and we can still cut him off when we want. If adding years gets more kids in the boat then sign me the fuck up.


The university is expected to announce the extension on Friday. It will last until January 2024.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan |

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