Tyreek Hill Can’t Hold Randy Moss’ Jock and the Internet Knows It

So here I was today, just traveling through the Minnesota sports Twitter world, when I ran into some clear consternation taking place within Vikings nation. This time, for once, that battle wasn’t internal. Instead, it appeared as if a writer over at Pro Football Focus came out with an article claiming Chiefs WR, Tyreek Hill, as the greatest deep threat in NFL history.

In reality, you don’t have to be an NFL historian to know who the obvious GOAT deep threat is. Randy Moss… you may have heard of him?

In 2021, PFF is a pretty big deal so a tweet like this can travel quickly. But everyone knows that Randy Moss was a greater deep threat than what Tyreek Hill ever will be. By the end of today, you might even feel sorry for the PFF “analyst”, Anthony Treash, who uttered such an impossible statement. But that’ll mostly be due to all of the assholes making fun of his avatar, which is pasted onto the PFF Twitter graphic above. Bullying isn’t cool, kids.

The backlash

As you can also see above, the official Minnesota Vikings Twitter account has taken this Tyreek Hill > Randy Moss slander very personal, tweeting out highlight videos and jumping to his defense in reply threads. The Anthony Treash savagery, however, goes far beyond the Vikings’ official account. And it’s been coming in from all directions like a fire hose you can’t turn off.

I mean… Anthony might just want to stay off of social media for awhile and he might want to stay away from NFL history forever.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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