Pat Shurmur is “Virtual Lock” to Become New York Giants Head Coach

Per CBS Sports, Pat Shurmur is a “virtual lock” to become the next head coach of the New York Football Giants. The move is expected to be made official as soon the Vikings’ season ceases.

He will be replacing Ben McAdoo, who was fired in early December.

Shurmur leaving Minnesota for browner pastures was bound to happen. You can’t blame the 52 year-old for wanting another opportunity at the head coaching thing. On the bright side, at least he won’t be in the NFC North.

No rings for Detroit, Matt. No rings for Detroit.

If I’m starting a franchise today and have to choose between the two, no disrespect to Shurmer, but I’m taking Matt Patricia. I’m not exactly thrilled the bearded, defensive mastermind is now going to be in the NFC North.

However, there’s something that’s extra painful about losing to a former member of Skol Nation. It’s like finding out that your ex is now dating one of your friends. A punch to the gut. In the event Shurmur’s Giants ever beat Zimmer’s Vikes, for the sake of preserving my vision, I wouldn’t watch the post-game handshake.

Nobody likes the old “student overtakes teacher” storyline. Come up with something new. With Shurmur set to join the NFC East, rather than the North, those worries will be few and far between.

Thankfully the same is true for the Packers GM search. It’s pretty obvious, but the best thing that state could ever do is try to become more like Minnesota. It’s actually astonishing they themselves are yet to come to that conclusion (their state might run better if they did).

As for the rest of the playoff run, Shurmur will approach things just like the previously mentioned Patricia. He’ll stay in his current role until the season is officially over. For the Lions soon-to-be head coach and his current team, the Patriots, let’s hope that starts next Sunday.

I do hope you beat New England and go to the Super Bowl, Jalen. If that miracle occurs, you’re not winning shit.

In regards to Shurmur leaving for the City that Never Sleeps, that can wait until February. We’re hosting the party that is the biggest game of the year. It’s only proper that we attend.

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