Pat Bev to Lakers Bench: Russell Westbrook is Trash

The Minnesota Timberwolves are in the process of running a LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers out of the Target Center tonight. This is a Wolves team that’s playing better than it has in nearly two decades and they’ve spent most of the night exposing an LA team that’s much more “hard time” than “primetime”.

But nobody in the NBA has fallen on harder times than Russell Westbrook, who’s playing so poorly of late that you wouldn’t want him on your Tuesday night pickup team at Lifetime Fitness. And because he plays for the Lakers, Westbrook’s struggles this season are well known across the basketball world.

Patrick Beverley Piles On

But Patrick Beverley doesn’t feel bad for Russ. In fact, Pat Bev is happy to pile on. After a sequence of plays exposed the worst parts of Westbrook’s game on both ends of the floor, Beverley turned to the Lakers bench, held pinched his nose with his right hand and let them know exactly what he thought of their point guard.

We cannot measure what Patrick Beverley has brought to the Minnesota Timberwolves. But if you ever find yourself doubting the move, watch this clip. Bev is the soul of this blossoming Wolves team and he is all-too-happy to show his younger teammates the way to playoff success. Play hard and be fearless.

Postgame Drama

The drama continued after the game. Russell Westbrook went after the entire Wolves roster, while claiming he didn’t care about their trash talk. And it’s 2022 so the verbal brawl had to spill over to social media, where Pat Bev did more talking.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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