One Day of Vikings Training Camp and Missed FGs are a Problem Already

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Since 1998 (technically ’99), when Gary Anderson missed THAT field goal against the Atlanta Falcons, Vikings fans have held their collective breath whenever a kicker trots onto the field.

The Vikings took Blair Walsh in the 6th-round of the 2012 Draft but he only continued our nightmare in a 2015 (technically 2016) NFC wild card game against Seattle. THAT missed 27-yard chip shot ended one of the coldest games the Vikes have ever played in, pushing fans all over the state into an angered frozen frenzy.

Then there was Kai Forbath, who seemed to make more 40-yard field goals than he did extra points… Oh wait, the Vikings drafted another kicker in 2018, and we can’t forget about him. Daniel Carlson, a fifth round selection this time, WAS THE ANSWER… that is until he missed 3 kicks against Green Bay last season and was let go right after.

After immediately releasing Carlson, the Vikings brought in a proven veteran in Dan Bailey, at least that is what we thought… After going 21/28 last season, Bailey began his 2019 training camp today, going 4/7 in practice, including a miss from 39 yards out.

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I know it is only training camp and players are still getting into the routine of things, but PTSD is real life, and I can’t take anymore of this heartbreak on what seems to be the easiest thing to do in football.¬†

Hopefully Bailey puts this behind him and can be reliable for all 16 games this year, but if not, the Vikings will find themselves searching for a kicker in-season, for the second year in a row AND the kicker curse may just live on forever around these parts…

Cam Thompson | Minnesota Sports Fan

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