Oli Udoh’s Attorney Strongly Denies Arrest Allegations

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Over the weekend, it was reported that Oli Udoh was arrested at a Miami nightclub, due to an interaction he had with a woman, in which he followed her into the bathroom and refused to leave.

Udoh’s Attorney Strongly Denies Allegations

But, there are two sides to every story. And on Wednesday afternoon, Oli Udoh’s attorney sent a statement, in which he STRONGLY denied all allegations of wrongdoing against his client, to relevant media members who are following the situation.

Oli never followed a woman into the restroom and never prevented a woman from going anywhere — and I have personally verified that any allegation to the contrary is 100% false. In fact, the woman approached Oli that night and they had a cordial conversation which ended in their exchanging of phone numbers. She has since reached out to us and has confirmed the allegations are completely false. Oli committed no crime whatsoever under Florida law, and we look forward to a speedy resolution of this case — one in which eh never should have been arrested. — Brian Bieber (Oli Udoh’s Attorney)

Two Sides to Every Story

There’s a lot happening in this text message statement, tweeted out by Chris Tomasson (Pioneer Press). This isn’t your standard denial or attorney runaround.

Udoh’s attorney, Brian Bieber, claims to have verifiable proof to prove innocence, including testimony from the alleged victim and lead witness. One thing is for sure. This is why a good legal system allows both sides to be heard. Things are not always as they originally seem.

Will that be the case here? We do not yet know. But Brian Bieber’s statement certainly throws an extra wrinkle into the reality of what we knew earlier today.

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