Not So Fast… Red Sox Hold Up Blockbuster Trade Due to Brusdar Graterol Medical Records

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The Red Sox, after viewing the medical records of Twins right-hander Brusdar Graterol, projected him more as a reliever than as a starter, according to sources involved with the discussions. As a result of that valuation, the Sox might ask for an additional player and/or money to bridge the gap, though it is unclear whether the player would come from the Twins or Dodgers, sources said.

Ken Rosenthal – The Athletic

I’ll start this blog off by saying… that I’m not really sure what is going on here. We know what Boston wants, and that’s additional compensation for unloading Mookie Betts to the Dodgers.

We know they are using Brusdar Graterol’s medical records, as a means of getting that additional compensation. The way it’s worded in Ken Rosenthal’s article that broke this news, is what throws shades of gray on everything though…

According to everyone involved, this deal will still get done. It doesn’t seem like Graterol has any injuries that he’s dealing with currently. Boston just seems pissed off about something past, in his medical records…

“The Red Sox, after viewing the medical records of Twins right-hander Brusdar Graterol, projected him more as a reliever than as a starter…”


Ummm…………… duh


Is it just me or do the Boston Red Sox just seem like the sore losers of a trade, who are now trying to come back to the playground with their mom (the MLB) in the hopes of recouping some of their losses?

If the Twins actually did anyone dirty on this deal, and they weren’t disclosing something pertinent in Brusdar Graterol’s medical records, then they should have to provide the additional compensation that gets this deal done.

But if the Red Sox didn’t do enough of their own due diligence, to find out that Brusdar Graterol has had an injury-plagued minor league career… then that’s on them. Graterol isn’t a starter (in-part due to health concerns).

That’s a big part of why he’s overrated, which I wrote about yesterday.

I have a hard time believing the Twins tried to send Sam Dyson an injured Graterol to Boston and it doesn’t seem like that’s what the Sox are alleging… It just seems like the they are butt-hurt on a trade that they now realize, they took the L in…

Clearly Boston fans are pissed off that they are losing Mookie Betts but supposedly that has nothing to do with what’s taken so long to finalize this deal…. Here is what Jeff Passan of ESPN wrote this morning:

The likelihood of the trade of Betts to the Dodgers blowing up altogether, sources said, is slim, as medical-related impasses are typically worked around. Although the negative reaction in Boston to trading Betts, a homegrown franchise player, was loud and abundant, it was not a driving force behind the holdup, sources said. Boston simply wants to ensure that it receives a commensurate return for the 27-year-old right fielder, who is entering his final season before free agency and is expected to seek a contract well in excess of $300 million and perhaps even $400 million.

Jeff Passan – ESPN

Well sorry Kyle, you traded me your holographic Charizard on the playground fair and square, Tuesday. I’m not giving it back and I’m not giving you anything else. I don’t care if you did bring your mom here with you.


Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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