Nobody has Less Confidence in the Wild than… the Wild.

Mar 14, 2019; Saint Paul, MN, USA; Minnesota Wild head coach Bruce Boudreau watches game action in the third period against the Dallas Stars at Xcel Energy Center. The Dallas Stars defeated the Minnesota Wild 4-1. Photo Credit: David Berding-USA TODAY Sports
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I didn’t play organized hockey growing up and my unorganized hockey career would be better off deleted from all memory… The other winter sport has been a big player in my life, though.

While my high school hockey team was going to 5-straight state tournaments from 2005-2009, I was playing JV basketball (which eventually led to a prominent Varsity bench role in my senior year of 2007) and then listening to those state tournament stories a week later at early baseball practice, from my hockey-playing teammates… I was also average, at my best, in baseball too.

Don’t worry about my self-confidence, though. All of that time as the worst kid on the good teams has led to a legitimate career as an adult D-league softball player and I’d be a decent rec basketball player too… if you didn’t have to run so much to play. It was a lot of hard work and frustration when I was younger but at least it lead to the athlete I am today………………

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I’m not a great hockey mind… fuck.. I’m not even an average hockey mind… but I’ve played on a lot of different teams in my life. I’ve played on good teams and I’ve played on bad teams. I’ve been in good locker rooms and bad ones. It’s very rare to have a good team with bad locker room chemistry. In fact, good teams usually have great locker room chemistry. It’s closer to a family relationship than it is to a teammate one.

I don’t know what the locker room is like with the Minnesota Wild right now but it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see that it doesn’t look to be doing very well. Zach Parise made comments a few days ago that made it seem like everyone in that room were all thrown there last weekend. Sure, we have some new faces and the guys who were traded away at the deadline were staples and leaders before they left… but can it really be that bad?

Then, after Thursday’s massive loss to Dallas, the quotes that came out after the game made Parise look like the best teammate since Dale from Talladega Nights… The first quote below is from Bruce Boudreau but the rest of the venting is from Marcus Foligno, who seems exhausted with this season…

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Again, I’m not a psychiatrist or a therapist but this Wild team needs help. They only have 11 games left to play and need to make up three points on Arizona. It doesn’t seem like much but when you first think about it but with all of the teams that are battling, one of them is likely to win a lot of games. If it’s going to be the Wild, they’ll have to win 9 or 11, most likely, give or take an OT loss or two.

And the stretch will be no cupcake. I feel like this team is on the edge of a canyon and only needs one more loss in the next couple of games for everything to topple over the edge…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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