No Shirts, Just Skins – Ep. 9: “Time to Move On”

@TheJohnnyMN and @Cofell_Official are in the studio with us we are trying to move on from the Vikings’ loss to the Eagles and try to look toward 2018. Meanwhile, Brandon has completely given up on Minnesota Sports, in general. While we try to deal with his negativity, we also try to find answers for the offseason, including where we go at QB. We even take a stab at building a roster for next year.

To finish things off, we even touch on the Duke Basketball Team and their likely cheating ways. Hell, everyone is doing it.

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Ch. 1: Intro

Ch. 2: Brandon is Bitter

Ch. 3: Who is the 2018 Vikings’ QB

Ch. 4: Other Positions to Upgrade

(Break 1)

Ch. 5: Trying to Build Our Roster

(Break 2)

Ch. 6: PMT Figures Out Duke is Cheating

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