“No Shirts, Just Skins” – Ep. 7: Ask a National Outlet: Vikings are Underdogs Now

We are talking Vikings-Saints as we lead into a weekend of craziness. The National outlets all pick the Saints apparently, while Vegas continues to bet on the #SKOL.

AND we tell you why Vegas is RIGHT and the national outlets are ALL WRONG. This game isn’t even going to be close, folks.

In the last 25 minutes, we discuss the Reggie Lynch situation and even get into the millenial hunting generation… or lack-there-of.

Chapter 1: (00:25) National Outlets Jumping on the Saints

Chapter 2: (29:08) We Love Mike Zimmer

Chapter 3: (69:27) Reggie Lynch

Chapter 4: (81:09) Hunting in Minnesota in Trouble?

Chapter 5: (94:45) Joe Buck Sucks/Sunday Predictions

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