No Shirts, Just Skins – Ep. 14: “Minnesota Sports Teams Getting Serious”

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The change in the sports culture around Minnesota is starting to blossom.

The Vikings go all in with Kirk Cousins while solidifying the D-Line. They’ve also opened 2 national benchmark facilities in the last 3 years.

The Twins are spending their most $$$ ever, while bringing in LEGIT free agents to bolster one of the best young offenses in the MLB.

The Timberwolves and Wild are playoff bound, not to mention some of the recruiting that is happening at the college level.

Oh, and Eric had a new baby last weekend. It’s a boy.

  1. (01:15)
    We’re Back After Eric’s New Baby Week Off – It’s a BOY.
  2. (06:20)
    Brandon’s Gym Game Weak?
  3. (08:47)
    Lots of MN Sports (Good) News – Starts with the Vikings (Kirk Cousins and More)
  4. (21:02)
    The Twins are Making Moves and Making Us Happy
  5. (32:05)
    Timberwolves Outlook
  6. (38:17)
    Quickly on the Wild
  7. (40:42)
    Some Requests to Finish (Tiger back?, Joe Mauer future, and more baby talk)
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