No Run? No Success.

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Rick and Zim are no fools. They know what their team needs, to be better in 2019. Run the god damn ball. The run game opens up the passing attack. It’s not a new strategy, or outdated. No matter how quarterback-driven the “new school” NFL gets, you need to run the ball if you want to be one of the last teams standing in February.

Can’t run the rock? Then no shiny new finger rocks either…

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The Vikings will always be in the mix as long as they have Mike Zimmer’s Defense. Just add a top WR duo plus a strong-armed quarterback, and by-golly-gee-hell, that’s a recipe for a damn playoff team. But get the running game going to compliment those air-fleet weapons? Now, that smells like a Super Bowl (homeboy) contender.

Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison were brought on to the coaching staff to implement their zone scheme running attack. The Vikings drafted two athletic offensive lineman in the early rounds to fit that same bill. Then, they grabbed a running back in the 3rd round, to solidify the back-up RB role. These moves prove that the Vikings know what they have to improve on, to win at a high level. You add a healthy Dalvin Cook, and the master plan is complete. Now go execute it.

The pressure needs to be taken off of Kirk Cousins. No team can survive on throwing the ball 40-50 times a game and expect positive results (unless you have prime Tom Brady). If the 2019 Vikings run the ball like Zim wants, then we might see a team that looks a hell of a lot like the 2017 Vikings…. with a better ending, hopefully. If the Vikings fail to run the ball, then expect Zimmer to embrace his inner Vince McMahon.

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Clem Clemans | Minnesota Sports Fan

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