No Criminal Charges for Miguel Sano; Incident Injuring Officer Ruled an Accident

Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano high-fives teammates before the Twins' 2017 home opener in Minneapolis on April 3, 2017. Evan Frost | MPR News

Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano high-fives teammates before the Twins’ 2017 home opener in Minneapolis on April 3, 2017. Evan Frost | MPR News

What looked like it might be a terrible situation, involving Miguel Sano on EARLY Sunday morning, looks to have resolved itself in the best possible manner for everyone involved (except for the officer injured who fractured both his left tibia and fibula).

If you’re late to the party, CLICK HERE to read about what came out yesterday afternoon regarding Miguel Sano and an injured police officer at 3 AM outside of a club near his hometown in the Dominican Republic.

ESPN just released a report at about 11 AM CT. In the report, an official for the Dominican police has direct quotes that seem to absolve Sano of any wrong-doing beyond not paying attention to what’s behind him before he backs up a vehicle:

“The citizen, Miguel Sano, was sent today to the traffic court to comply with the due process in these types of cases,” said Duran. “It is a formality when someone is injured in a vehicular accident. It is important to clarify that the policeman declared that the accident was not intentional, and that Sano hit his leg when Sano was reversing his vehicle to leave the place and that the baseball player was the first to provide help and never abandoned the scene. Neither the agent nor the national police plan to charge Sano with anything.”


Here are some other interesting notes that can be found within ESPN’s report from late this morning:

– Before the accident, Sano was being questioned by the officer for not having plates nor a driver’s license.
– Sano and the officer, apparently, knew each other and even were classmates.
– The court appearance was “Traffic Court” only.
– Sano actually drove the officer to the hospital after the accident and Sano offered to pay for all medical expenses.
– Sano never abandoned the scene and was the first to offer help to the officer after the accident.

This is why you don’t speculate too much without having more facts to go by, especially when an incident occurs in another country. Hopefully, this is the last we hear on this incident and of any issues involving Miguel Sano. I don’t want to hear about that guy unless it involves hitting dingers and/or losing weight.

Hopefully, he learns from this situation. Anything he does is going to be under a microscope. He needs to make sure he’s making good decisions. As things stand right now, this wasn’t anything but a brain fart. However, it should show Miguel how quickly things around the media and fan base can escalate.

My advice to Miguel Sano:

Go get yourself a spinach salad, hit the track, and finish with some batting practice and ground balls. Also, hire a driver.


Eric Strack @RealMNSportsFan

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