NHL Security Kept Close Eye on Kirill Kaprizov Last Season

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Minnesota Wild superstar, Kirill Kaprizov, had major issues getting from Russia to the United States last offseason. As of now, we believe he is still in America, hoping to bring his family here, instead of traveling back to his warring homeland.

NHL Security closely monitored Kirill Kaprizov during season

But concerns over Kaprizov’s safety extend beyond the offseason. According to Charley Walters (Pioneer Press), the NHL had a security team keeping a close eye on Kirill throughout the regular season too.

Pssst: NHL security this season kept a keen eye on Wild star Kirill Kaprizov, concerned about possible harassment from homeland Russia.

Charley Walters – Pioneer Press

Whatever worries the NHL had about possible harassment from the Kremlin, it doesn’t sound like Kaprizov actually experienced anything that rang alarms in league circles.

We’ve heard about Putin playing games with Russian athletes in the past and, obviously, we’ve mentioned the concerns last offseason, when Kirill was trying to get back to America with any route he could find.

Still, it’s interesting to know that the league had a security team regularly monitoring Kirill Kaprizov last season, while he was supposedly safe and sound in Minnesota or traveling with the team. And one has to wonder what kind of security they were providing for Kirill…

Were they checking his text messages or providing physical security teams when he left a training facility? What kind of harassment were they most concerned about. Maybe we’ll find out more details now that this news is out.

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