NFL Trying to Cut Preseason in Half; Players May Fight For Even Less

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The NFL is trying to officially shorten the 2020 preseason. Instead of playing the usual four games, the league is trying to cut it down to two. The players are all about less preseason games too… but the two games proposed by the NFL might still be too many.

As is the case quite often these days, the situation is in flux. The NFLPA is meeting tomorrow morning to discuss what they want to do. They could agree to the shortened preseason proposal or they could counter with their own offer of a one or even ZERO-game preseason 2020.

This offer, which the union hasn’t signed yet, pulls the 1st and 4th week of preseason play. That means the originally scheduled Vikings games vs the Houston Texans on 8/14 and the Seattle Seahawks on 9/3 are all but cancelled, with more changes likely coming.

Anything Could Happen

Anything could happen with the schedule, from here… except playing > two games. For the Minnesota Vikings, both of the remaining games were originally scheduled to be on the road.

I highly doubt most “househould names” are playing in any preseason this year. These changes will mostly affect players on the roster bubble. As for fans, we’ll have to wait until August 21st for live Vikings football, at the earliest. Usually we don’t like preseason but, at this point, most fans would take whatever they can get.

At the end of the day though, it’s about having an NFL season. If the league and NFLPA feel that zero, one, two, or eight preseason games are needed, to get ready for football in the age of coronavirus, then so be it. We’ll see what the vote is tomorrow.

Here is Mike Garofolo (NFL Network) with more on the situation:


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