All-Pro Voters Have Officially Pissed Off Dalvin Cook

Photo: Steven Bisig - USA TODAY Sports

We called it out the moment it happened. Now, Dalvin Cook has taken to social media regarding his blatant snub from the NFL All-Pro team. Judging off the energy from Cook’s instagram story, anyone who cheers for the Minnesota Vikings will benefit from the All-Pro list blasphemy.

Opponents, however, or anyone rooting against his team’s success (the NFL and world in general because this is Minnesota and everyone obviously hates us) will suffer.

I know I’m here for it.

Beyond this possibly being the greatest tweet of all time (credit: @tanlshkamascara on Twitter), I just can’t imagine a better response from Dalvin Cook, regarding this snubbery.

To go on instagram and literally (not really but it reads better) threaten the well-being of those in the NFL “or whoever printed that all pro list”, with nothing more than your play on the field… has me completely speechless. I do not know how to describe the ridiculous level of testicular fortitude this move holds.


Then, he throws in the salute to his father, who just recently died. Now all I need is a brick wall and a time machine because Dalvin Cook has grabbed my heart strings. I want success for him just as much as I want it for the Vikings and my own selfish self.

There will be a lot of outside noise and inside motivation for the Vikings in 2021. I’m intrigued at how they will play with this new chip on their shoulder.

We just need to get away from this COVID hell and into next NFL preseason. By then, we should be able to move around freely again and watch Dalvin Cook payoff his threats.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan