NFC Playoffs Validate Vikings Plan; Super Bowl Cements It

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Wow! What an amazing Super Bowl last night… It was really one for the record books.

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Apparently, Sean McVay’s elephant trunk couldn’t stay erect through a full Super Bowl run… They have pills (and chewables now I’ve heard) for that. But, Bill Belichick needs no type of assistance in that category. With Tom’s hand on his leg, he’d be rock-hard for another 19-game season that started this Sunday.

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Despite what some may think though, I didn’t come here to discuss Bill Belichick erections. While watching the Patriots continue their dominance last night, one recurring theme of these NFL Playoffs was cemented into serious conversation that everyone will now talk about for the rest of the offseason.

Defense Still Wins Championships

Throughout the season, defense was dead. I fell into the trap too. I found myself questioning a future with a defensive minded head coach. I’ve always liked Mike Zimmer and I believe he has the right mentality. He’s a leader and his players love to follow him too.

But, having to change schemes when offensive coordinators get hired from out under us proved difficult this season. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to keep team continuity if your head coach is offensive minded and calling the plays for the offensive side of the ball? Then, when your offense is successful, your playcaller isn’t half out the door before the season is even over…


But after watching the playoffs and the Super Bowl last night, it’s clear that when rubber meets the road, defenses clamp down in the NFC. Sean McVay is supposed to be the offensive coming of Jesus Christ and he mustered 3 points last night.

Usually, the team with the best play on the defensive side of the ball is the team that walks down the tunnel when the roman numerals are on the field. Even the two highest-powered offenses in the NFC (New Orleans and LA) couldn’t muster 50 total points in the NFC Championship. Hell, the Saints only put up 20 the week before in a win vs. Philly.

So like many you will hear from this week, I am backtracking. The Vikings are going in the right direction under Mike Zimmer. If anything will prove to be the fatal flaw, it might be Rick Spielman paying Kirk Cousins… But that’s not Zim’s problem.

The good news is that we already have a Super Bowl caliber defense and head coach. Now we need to pray that a better offensive line will make Kirk Cousins a Super Bowl quarterback. Then of course, we need to get a better offensive line. 

There’s no doubt that an improved offensive line matched with a better Cousins will make the Vikings a sure playoff team. Then once we’re there, we just need to hope that history continues to repeat itself.

That defenses continue to win championships.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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