New York Post Calls Cousins “Classless” Because the Jets Suck and Always Will

Kirk Cousins threw two TDs in his Vikings' debut. Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Cousins threw two TDs in his Vikings’ debut. Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports

What a great Tuesday it is when something as terrible as this Kirk Cousins hit piece lands on your plate. Just the best.

If you haven’t read it yet, I’d HIGHLY recommend that you do. But, I’m going to shine some light on it here either way. I’m so giddy right now I can’t type fast enough.

First, let’s get to the gist of the article.

This guy, Mike Cannizzaro (who nobody has ever heard of), is all butt-hurt because Kirk Cousins is smarter than the New York Jets. It was highly publicized that the Jets were VERY interested in Kirk Cousins during free agency this last offseason. And, they were the high bidders reaching $90 Million at one point. Weird, right? A New York team the high bidders in a free agency auction?


Cousins, being much smarter than someone who thinks they can win in a Jets uniform, had no intention of playing in the Big Apple. So, using the Jets offer of $90M as leverage, Cousins spun that over to the Vikings, who then turned around and maxed out their offer sheet at $84 Million, which Kirk gladly accepted. It’s a no-brainer. For a fifteenth less than the Jets offer, he could come over to a team that’s a QB and an offensive line away from being Super Bowl favorites. Or, he can take the extra pocket change and go get destroyed by media members like this guy because he can’t help that piece of shit team get anywhere near sniffing the Super Bowl.

So, this CanniZERO clown writes a hit-piece today on Kirk. And, as expected, it is ?.

Let’s look at some of the funny-finer details:

It’s clear right away that he’s extremely upset about Kirk’s internet video about how the contract negotiations took place. Here’s the video followed with the quote from dumbass in today’s Post:


That the video, which contained information from confidential conversations that would be embarrassing to the Jets, was signed off on to be posted to the public is — if we’re cutting the Vikings a break for being absent-minded — a clueless oversight.
But if we’re being more realistic, it was classless.

At the very least, it was cringeworthy.

Then this from Cousins in an interview about why he chose to sign with the Vikings: “Ultimately, the leadership of the organization is what set it apart.”

How exactly he would have any clue about the leadership in the Jets’ organization is curious because Cousins opted not to take a half-day out of his self-important schedule to meet Jets owner Christopher Johnson, general manager Mike Maccagnan and/or coach Todd Bowles.



This guy lives in New York right? Has he seen the “class” portrayed by the people of that city? I guess you can’t see in others what you can’t see in the mirror…

This guy is either trolling hard OR utterly delusional. Cousins gave us an insight to contract negotiations that most of us have never seen. In doing so, he made news and furthered his brand. He also showed us that he and his agent are business men. They know how negotiations work. Kirk had no interest in going to the Jets. Why would he? WTF do they have for him to even throw to? Robby Anderson. LOL.

Your team sucks. That’s why Kirk didn’t want to go there. What was he supposed to do when the Jets came in as his high bidders? Tell them that he wasn’t interested right from the start? Should he have killed his best piece of leverage, in order to make sure New Yorkers weren’t triggered like this guy?

I hope this dumbass writer doesn’t handle his own contract negotiations with The Post.

But, let’s move on because it gets even better as Mark talks about why the Jets are better off without Kirk at the helm:

Therein lies the three-pronged silver lining in this for the Jets:

Had they signed Cousins, who owns a pedestrian 29-32-2 record as an NFL starting quarterback, they’d have never traded up to No. 3 in the draft and picked Darnold.
– They wouldn’t have the truckload of salary-cap money, which is expected to be about $90 million, to spend this offseason had they given all that guaranteed dough to Cousins.
– And Cousins was apprehensive about playing for the Jets because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure and expectations of the New York fans and media. He was scared. Scared doesn’t play well in New York. Never has.

Cousins, it should be noted, is in his seventh NFL season and fourth as a full-time starter, and has as many playoff wins on his résumé as Darnold, who’s played in six NFL games. Cousins lost both playoff games he’s played in by a combined score of 55-32.



I told you it got better. I love the non-subtle jabs that are built into this part.

First, it’s becoming very clear that the Redskins both on and off the field are what was holding back our Captain Kirk. He’s brought leadership and stability to Minnesota, which we haven’t been able to say since with thought Daunte Culpepper was going to do the same thing. The Jets traded up for Darnold because they are trash and know the first place to rebuild around a trash team is at QB.

Second, you have a “truckload of cap space” because you’re a trash team.

Third, I can’t wait until Zimmer pins your last point to the bulletin board and then Kirk Cousins comes into town and shoves his giant ? up your team’s ? and then stops at Sbarro on the way out for a New York slice to celebrate.


The Vikings don’t have a past to smile on but at least we haven’t been the laughing-stock of the NFL for the last 40 years outside of a couple decent Rex Ryan seasons. Darnold isn’t going to work out and it’s not even his fault. The New York Jets are just a shit organization that will forever produce a shit on-field product.

Sunday’s going to be fun.

Here in Minnesota, we know what we have in Kirk Cousins and real fans are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he’s happy, as long as it means a Super Bowl parade to finish the year.


Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

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