BITTER: NY Daily News Features “Cheat” Carlos Correa on Front Cover After Late-Inning HR Beats Yankees

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On Thursday night, Carlos Correa finally did what I’ve been asking him to do for weeks. He entered his first season with the Minnesota Twins as one of the most clutch hitters in MLB postseason history. The youngest (at 27 years old) to wear such a badge. So it feels like a light ask for an extra base hit, with runners on base, in a clutch situation.

With the game tied 2-2 in the 8th inning, and the Twins in danger of being swept in the Bronx yet again, Correa came to the plate with two outs and Jake Cave on 1st. Had Yankees pitcher Wandy Peralta been able to handle an underhand toss from 1st baseman Marwin Gonzalez earlier in the inning, the game would already have gone to the 9th.

Instead, Carlos Correa got another opportunity to show off his clutch gene. This time, he finally delivered, forcing Peralta to pay for his defensive butter fingers.

Daily News Bitter

The New York Daily News was founded over 100 years ago and it was the first ever to print in “tabloid format”. Today, it remains as one of the most circulated daily papers nationwide, ranking 11th as of 2019.

On Thursday, the Daily News’ cover story and main headline featured a full-page photo of Carlos Correa. The headline reads: HOU AGAIN: Ex-Astro cheat Correa delivers big blow as Yank bats come up short in loss to Twins”.

The hostile nature of the sub-headline, toward Correa, serves as a reminder to Minnesota Twins fans of just how much hatred is still aimed at the superstar shortstop when he steps outside of Houston or the upper midwest (Twins Territory).

New York Daily News Cover (9/9/22)

And once Correa is dropped into big market fish bowls like New York and Los Angeles, the taps on the glass become more frequent and A LOT louder. Yankee fans have good reason for their hostility toward Carlos Correa.

Yankees fans won’t forget

Remember, the Houston Astros went through the GAUNTLET of big market teams on their 2017 championship run. They took down the Red Sox (ALDS) and the Yankees (ALCS), before toppling the Dodgers in the World Series.

That same run was later marred by the Astros infamous cheating scandal, which according to the official MLB investigation, ran from the ’17 regular season, through the playoffs and into the ’18 regular season. Naturally, all of those fan bases feel cheated. I can’t blame them.

The Bronx is one rumored offseason landing spot for Carlos Correa that I do not see coming to fruition, however. For a guy who seems intent to settle down in a place where he, along with his wife and young children, can live daily life in peace. Clearly, that won’t be possible in New York.

Need more of clutch Carlos

Personally, I could care less about Correa’s past transgressions, at this point. I just hope he can use this type of hatred as fuel to hit more big time bombs down the stretch and into the playoffs. He and the Minnesota Twins are back at Target field on Friday night, where they will kick off a three game series vs the AL Central leading Cleveland Guardians.

With just three weeks remaining in the season, Cleveland enters the series up 1.5 games on the Twins. The two teams will play 8 of their next 11 vs one another.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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