New London – Spicer Wins State Championship on Unbelievable Final Play


New London – Spicer defeated Gilworth – Glyndon – Felton for the Minnesota AAA State Championship on Saturday afternoon, in a hard-fought 27-26 battle for the ages.

NLS lead for most of the 2nd half, until a couple of 4th quarter mistakes appeared to have cost them the game. But instead of folding up, they reached deep deep down and somehow snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

It came via a last-second hail mary that turned into so much more, including a heads up lateral that is sure to go down as one of the greatest moments in Minnesota prep bowl history.

Breaking it down

With four seconds left, New London – Spicer quarterback, Blake Schultz, dropped back and heaved the ball down US Bank Stadium’s right sideline. It fell between two defenders and right into the hands of streaking wide receiver, Grant Paffrath.

And when Paffrath realized he was going down about five yards short of the goal line, he flipped the ball back to teammate, Brycen Christensen, for an easy walk-in touchdown and the most unbelievable state championship finish in recorded history.

Randy Moss to Moe Williams Reincarnate

If you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, it’s nearly impossible for this lateral not to bring you back two decades when Randy Moss caught a heave from Daunte Culpepper and flipped to Moe Williams for a TD.

Congratulations to New London – Spicer. Not only did you win a state title today. You’ll probably make highlight reels all over national TV and this moment will live forever in High School sports infamy.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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