Multiple Reports: Big Ten is Voting on Fall Football as Early as Sunday


Most have doubted it could happen while others have asserted that it would… but now it looks official. The Big Ten is about to vote on the return of fall football. That vote will happen either Sunday or Monday. Possible start dates range from October 10 to November.

Credit: Sir Yacht

More established outlets and reporters are tweeting and writing about it today, but I want to also give credit to Sir Yacht. Like him or not, he’s been talking about this vote for a lot longer than everyone else. He may not have been perfect with all of his dates but he had (and gave) hope when others didn’t. If nothing else, he kept the conversation alive.

He’s been calling for an October 10 start date for weeks and now he says this scheduled vote is already done. If the vote to play passes unanimously tomorrow (or close to it) and the Big Ten schedules the first game on the 10th, then I’ll be even more convinced of his legitimacy.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who broke the news. When the sun goes down tomorrow, it’s very possible that we will have fall football back in the Big Ten and back in Minnesota! It isn’t the first time I’ve written an end line that sounds like this… but tonight is another good night to pray for some big time (good) news tomorrow.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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