MSF Podcast Ep. 34: Insider Darren Wolfson Gives Us “The Scoop” on all of this MN Sports Drama


Wow Minnesota Sports Fam! We have one hell of a show for you today! Scheduling conflicts mean we were able to upgrade from Brandon to Darren “Doogie” Wolfson of Channel 5, 1500 ESPN and “The Scoop” Podcast, who graced us with his insider knowledge for almost an ENTIRE HOUR! You won’t want to miss this episode.. Here’s a preview:

– Glen Taylor gets all up in his feelings with Darren and talked Butler, Thibs, and Kevin Garnett. 

How hurt was Thibs through the Jimmy Drama? What caused the riff between KG and Glen Taylor? We discuss all of this with Doogie plus much more…

– On a tension/friction meter that ranges from 0 to Butler vs Towns, where were Zimmer and DeFilippo? 

Is there any tension between Cousins and Thielen? What should we expect out of Stefanski and is he interviewing for the full time job next year? 

– What is going on with the suspension/discipline on the Gopher Football team? 

Darren answers that and goes deep into how the media stumbled upon it. It’s must-hear.

– And last, but not least, Byron Buxton had some VERY interesting comments about the Falvine Train after he didn’t make the September call-up list. 

Who did he talk to about it? You guessed it. Darren tells us all about his conversation with Byron.

If you want to be the smartest guy at the watercooler on Thursday, you’d better listen to this show! 

Catch Darren Wolfson on KSTP, 1500 ESPN, and find “The Scoop” Podcast on your favorite podcasting platform. Also follow him on Twitter: @DWolfsonKSTP

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