MSF Podcast Ep.28: Pat Micheletti, PC Vikings, and TWolves Conspiracy Theories


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01:10 | Intro
05:08 | Shaq Calls Conspiracy on 1992 Draft Lottery
11:00 | Real World Timberwolves
14:32 | Only Athlete in History that Suffers from UDR more than Adam Thielen
18:50 | Vikings Release WORST VIDEO IN HISTORY on YouTube
28:40 | Pat Micheletti Talks About his Legendary College Hockey Career
41:50 | College Hockey with Pat; Status of SCSU & Gopher Hockey in 2018
47:15 | State of the Minnesota Wild with Pat
53:00 | Gopher Basketball is Going to Shock the Big Ten this Year

What a show!

On episode 28 of the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast, we were able to talk to Minnesota hockey legend Pat Micheletti about his fascinating career. From his LEGENDARY 4 years with the Gophers to his time with the North Stars and pro time across the pond. It was absolutely incredible. It wasn’t just a trip down memory lane, however. He also talked with us about the state of SCSU hockey now that Bob Motzko is gone and gives us some in-depth analysis on the Minnesota Wild. The whole conversation was legendary.

Outside of our chat with Mr. Micheletti, Brandon and I listen to a couple of videos related to the Wolves and Vikings that I found on the internet on Tuesday.

Shaq reveals a major conspiracy that sent him to Orlando instead of the Timberwolves and the Vikings made a PC internet cartoon that almost makes us not want to be fans anymore… it’s really bad.

After that, we dug into the Gopher basketball team, which tips off its season in a week. How big of a deal is Marcus Carr’s transfer waiver? Who else will lead the team?

Eric believes the Gophers are going to shock the Big Ten. Come hear him state his case!

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