MSF Podcast Ep. 27: Vikings Win, Racist NFL, and Fantasy Football Winners and Losers

Episode Chapters:

02:00 | Everything is Eric’s Fault
05:00 | Brandon College Sex Stories
08:50 | Eric’s Movember Preseason Progress
12:30 | Adam Thielen vs Racist NFL
17:45 | Some Quick Randy Moss Love
19:08 | Back to the Racist NFL
23:30 | Fantasy Football Fuck You, Thank You, Thank GOD Players
33:45 | Gopher Football vs Brandon
35:45 | Gophers Basketball Needs to Hire the High-End Prostitutes
40:41 | End of Segment 1
44:10 | Vikings Confidence Meter
46:30 | Something You Didn’t Know About Newspaper Crossword Puzzles
50:00 | Looking Ahead to the Saints and Beyond
63:30 | For Timberwolves Fans


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On episode 27 of the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast, we discuss another Vikings victory. Brandon is in the boat with one leg still out while Eric is driving.

Also, why does the NFL hate Adam Thielen so much? It can’t be his skin color can it……….. nah…

Eric tries to talk about the other MN Sports and gets a little bit in on the Gopher Basketball and Football team but Brandon isn’t really having it.

We have a new segment on Fantasy Football winners and losers called “Fuck You, Thank You and Thank GOD Players of the Week”. Who is happy they waited until the 11th round to draft a quarterback? Spoiler Alert: EVERYONE

We finish with more Vikings talk. What do the Vikings have to do to get Brandon and others fully on-board? ANSWER: Beat the Saints this weekend on Sunday Night Football.

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