MSF Podcast Ep. 22: New Season; Same Kickers, Same Culture, Same Drama

New Podcast Name… Same Hosts… Same Nonsense…


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With a new football season upon us and a break to clear our minds, the old “No Shirts, Just Skins” hosts are back with a rebranded podcast name. The “Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast” is here. Eric and Brandon still host and episode one of the rebrand may show they are better than ever!

We start with a quick recap from Brandon’s Las Vegas trip, where Canadians and backside tattoos may or may not have happened… Quickly, we move onto the Vikings and the continued kicking problems. Feel bad for Daniel? We have something to say to you… Eric strikes from even mentioning WR #11 by name….

But, when it comes to Mike Zimmer’s clock management at the end of the game, things get a little heated between the two hosts.


We move past that eventually and onto Gopher Football, in the second half of the show, where Eric is flexing his Zack Annexstad muscles. We also decide, after looking at the schedule, that the Gophers should finish the year with A LOT more wins than many will give them. It’s time to change our culture, as fans

Then, before we close things out:

– Will the Jimmy Butler situation ever get better? Who is to blame?

– Will Joe Mauer play in 2019? How quickly can the Twins turn things around after another terrible season?

– Could 2019 be the recruiting class that turns Gopher Basketball around?

It’s a packed show and we had a hell of a time recording it. If we’re having fun then you’re having fun, right??? Come find out!

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