MSF Pod Ep. 36: Fanny Pack Revolutions and Government Conspiracies + Gophers, Twins, and Vikings



Minnesota Sports Fan has been quiet with Eric planning and executing major renovations on the site while Brandon tries to forget about Winter with vacation after vacation but the MSF Podcast always delivers.

We get sidetracked with government conspiracies, sex-ed recommendations, and arguments about whether one can rock a fanny pack but those are distractions that you deal with in everyday conversation.

We do get to some sports talk.

We are jacked up about the future of Gopher Football after they charged out of bowl season on absolute fire.

The Twins sign Nelson Cruz and take another step toward putting the future of this team on Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. Will they finally break through?

Lastly, we talk Vikings-Bears…. Can the SKOL Train pull out the victory and head to the postseason as the team NOBODY wants any part of come playoffs?

Let’s get it.

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