Mr. Sharrif Floyd vs. Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC

Image: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Image: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In the opening round of the 2013 NFL Draft, the State of Hockey’s professional football team acquired a hat trick’s worth of players:

The selection of our now All-Pro CB, Xavier Rhodes, helps numb the pain associated with the other two picks: Cordarrelle Patterson and Sharrif Floyd.

Despite five kick return TDs in his four years with the Purple, Patterson wasn’t able to cut his teeth as a WR. Last March, the Tennessee alum signed a free agent deal with the Raiders. The man who pissed me off by donning Randy Moss’ number doesn’t seem to have any animosity towards the state of Minnesota. Even in Oakland, the 26 year-old still supported our teams on his social media:

In regards to the current status of Sharrif Floyd and the Land of 10K Lakes, that relationship isn’t nearly as humorous n shit.

Per reports, the Vikings are yet to pay Floyd his entire 2017 salary ($6.757 million). Thus far, the former Florida Gator who spent of all last season on the non-football injury list (knee), has received $2 million (+ $6,450 bonus) of the original agreement. In an attempt to obtain the remaining money, the NFLPA on Floyd’s behalf, filed a grievance against the Wilf-owned franchise.

It’s a contract, so the Vikings have to pay Floyd, right?

Wrong! The DT was put on the non-football injury list because Minnesota viewed the root cause of the nerve issues, in his knee, to be non-football related. That seems to make sense. If a colleague injured you by going full Terry Tate office linebacker, you’d probably expect to receive adequate cash for any time missed. On the opposite side of the fence, If you were out of work, because your wasted buddy tackled you onto a bonfire, you’re not calling up the boss when the payroll inevitably skips your wounded-self.

Well then, if Floyd was on the non-football injury list, his grievance is baseless, right?

Wrong again! From Sharrif Floyd’s point of view, the non-football injury list status he was assigned was incorrect. He and his camp point to the knee issues being caused by a 2016 surgery. A surgery that was needed because of football.

The grievance was filed by the NFLPA back in September, 2017. But, because the Vikings now desire to release Floyd, the pertinent details, surrounding the situation, just came to light on Tuesday.


The ongoing disagreement between the two sides is what is preventing Minnesota from releasing Sharrif Floyd and his 44 career games. In regards to the 26 year-old’s football future, it appears the odds of him ever returning to the field are “remote”.

I only wish the, once coveted, defensive lineman the best moving forward. Well, maybe just outside of the final ruling on this topic. With the amount Minnesota is ordered to pay to Floyd, directly effecting their cap number, the ruling is somewhat important. Unlike the MLB, every dollar counts in the NFL. For example, the Jets might attack the effect a Kirk Cousins contract would have on their salary cap with an almost unimaginable front-loaded deal.

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