Mr. Loyalty: One Year After Taking AD Job, Jerry Kill Leaving SIU for VT Special Assistant Job

Photo: USA Today Sports
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Remember that head coach we had before PJ Fleck, who was forced to leave the Minnesota Gophers football program due to health reasons, was replaced by his defensive coordinator (who was even worse at recruiting than he was), and then slandered the University when they fired Claeys after a major sexual assault investigation rocked the program?

No? Come on… he was the one who preached loyalty and threw shots at PJ Fleck for treating people poorly, but has now up and left prominent positions at 4 different schools in 3 years… He thought Mitch Leidner was sent from aliens and to make sure he never felt uncomfortable, never recruited another QB for his entire tenure….

Yeah, that Jerry Kill. And, he’s nothing but a laughingstock now. He’s a grumpy old man who has shown his true self, since leaving Minnesota. We thought Jerry would stay here forever no matter how much success the Gophers had underneath him but that’s clearly not true (besides the fact that his recruiting was never taking us past an overachieving Big Ten middle-man). Now we know that Jerry would have been gone as soon as a bigger school came knocking. He just proved that again, by turning his back on Southern Illinois, after they trusted him as their new AD less than a year ago.

Good luck in retirement .. at Rutgers .. at SIU .. at Virginia Tech, Jerry.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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