Daunte Culpepper’s ‘Get Your Roll On’ Celebration was Inspired by… Cash Money Records?

Daunte Culpepper
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The Minnesota Vikings are ushering in a new era at the quarterback this season, and they hope that eventually J.J. McCarthy will become the man. For quite some time it was Daunte Culpepper that was the man, and he recently answered some fan questions.

Before there was a Brett Favre cameo, or a Kirk Cousins stint, it was Daunte Culpepper constantly hooking up with Randy Moss for deep touchdowns. He quickly became a fan-favorite, and while his play earned him a Madden cover, it was his “roll on” celebration that was often repeated.

Daunte Culpepper reveals where Minnesota Vikings “Roll on” came from

Appearing on a Monday Morning Mailbag segment produced by the Minnesota Vikings, fan-favorite Daunte Culpepper offered his presence. Taking a handful of questions from fans, the first focused on his “get your roll on” celebration. Describing where it came from, Culpepper went into great detail.

In summary, he came up with it for his buddies at Cash Money Records — you know, Lil Wayne, Birdman and one of the most popular rap record labels of the past three decades — taking the idea from one of their songs at the time, “Get Your Roll On”, by Big Tymers.

I have some friends of mine that were in the music business, Cash Money Records. Baby (Bryan “Baby” Williams) and Lil Wayne. They were in The Hot Boyz, but Cash Money Records had a song called “Get Your Roll On,” and the owner of that record company was a good friend of mine, and every time I would see him, he’d say, “Pep,’ go out there and get your roll on.” So it became my celebration, so thank you. I remember throwing a touchdown and I did the celebration. I got my roll on, and it kind of took off from there. People liked it and I liked it. It was an example of having fun and enjoying yourself. That was pretty much it. It became a staple. Even if I’m walking through an airport and see a fan, they’re still like, ‘Get your roll on, Pep.’ That kind of stuck with me. I just thought it was great.

Former Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper on his “Get Your Roll On” celebration

Of course, the celebration is something that fans often observed Culpepper doing as he ran down the field to greet Moss after hauling in a deep touchdown. It’s also a celebration he pulled out after rumbling for a first down, and he had the presence of a star running back that could also throw the ball.

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Minnesota Vikings new celebrations rival Daunte Culpepper’s “roll on”

It’s great to see fans still clamoring for the presence of Culpepper. He has been, and will continue to be, a fan favorite. That can also be said about current star wide receiver Justin Jefferson. The highest-paid non-quarterback has a few notable celebrations of his own, and they too have drawn fans in.

Jefferson hits “The Griddy” each time he grabs the ball in the end zone, and while it is also replicated by the Bengals Ja’Marr Chase, it has definitely become synonymous with Jefferson. His patented first down arrow-point is also something that Vikings fans have taken notice of, and both celebrations are routinely shown off in Madden when the superstar completes either feat.

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