Free Agents Signing and Trades Transpiring but Twins Still Doing Nothing

Well…Patrick Corbin didn’t sign here. He signed for $140 million over 6 years in Washington. I wrote earlier this offseason about what Corbin could have brought to a Twins team that failed to live up to expectations last season. But he’s not coming here and I’m upset.


Another top flight pitcher that goes to a team who offers more money. Washington is by no means flush with cash, and has a potentially massive decision they will have to make with Bryce Harper. Here they are though, with a brand new starter to slot in behind ace Max Scherzer, because they put up the money to get him.

The Twins have A TON of money coming off of the books this offseason. Joe Mauer‘s $23 million salary is gone. Ervin Santana‘s $13.5 million salary is gone too. Just losing those two salaries leaves plenty of money to make some big moves. Oh and Paul Goldschmidt just got traded to St. Louis (ANOTHER PLAYER LINKED TO THE TWINS THAT DIDN’T GO TO THEM) DAMMIT POHLADS! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!


So basically I’m left sitting here wondering if I was duped. Like blind Billy in 4C:

Poor kid didn’t know what he was getting into. He thought he was getting a nice little bird to spend time with. Nope. Fucking thing was dead. They took advantage of him just like the Twins do to the fan base every offseason. PETEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A HEAD.

The cupboard is pretty bare for remaining starters. Nathan Eovaldi appears set to return to Boston and the Yankees are ramping up their efforts after missing out on Corbin. Here are the top 5 names left (not counting Eovaldi):

Dallas Keuchel

J.A. Happ

Charlie Morton

Lance Lynn

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Know what they all have in common? They are all over 30, which is the time when pitchers usually have to reinvent themselves to stay in the league. After that, it’s mostly just scrap parts, including the shell of Matt Harvey and the reanimated corpse of Bartolo Colon.

Any sort of meaningful upgrade to the rotation is likely going to have to come in the form of a trade like this one for Robbie Ray. With Arizona moving Goldschmidt, that signals that they are open for business so they make a natural trade fit. Oh and Ray has some nasty stuff:

Ray’s durability is worth monitoring but holy crap the guy can get strikeouts. Ok I’m sold, Ray would get me back on board. Another potential target, albeit a long shot is Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer. Cleveland isn’t going to trade in the division for anything meaningful but they have to trim some payroll and have looked at dealing a starter. Kluber would require the MASSIVE prospects in return but Bauer has appeal too:

He’s also an absolutely amazing follow on Twitter who isn’t afraid to call people out on their Twitter bullshit. So again another target I would be in favor of. So maybe this time you’ll listen to me. Go get someone good! No seriously go make a move now. GO ALREADY!


Seth Toupal @sethtoups
Minnesota Sports Fan

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