Minnesota, We Have a (good) Problem

Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea | USA Today Sports
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Sitting one spot from the top of the American League with a record of 32-16, you would be hard pressed to find a problem that needs attention for our Minnesota Twins. Luckily for Rocco Baldelli’s club, we have come across one issue that most ball clubs would love to have…

We have too many hot bats to fit into the lineup.

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If you’ve been watching these boys, you don’t need me to break down every hot hitter. And if you haven’t been watching this historic start, then you should WAKE THE FUCK UP …..before your Mother has yet another reason to be disappointed in you.

But lets take a look at a starting lineup and the players left over.

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Geez, what a stacked group of young men. You could argue that all of the names on that list are everyday players, except for maybe Astudillo. Once healthy, Cruz and Garver need to play everyday. Cruz was signed with the intent to be your everyday DH and gets paid the big bucks to do so. And Garver only holds the team’s second-best batting average at .329 while still standing 3rd (in this ridiculously powerful lineup) in HR’s with 9.

The Turtle” is a fan favorite, who can rake the ball, play beautifully just about anywhere, and never strikes out (but swings at everything). Gonzalez is the ultimate utility man, (who also gets paid the big bucks for it) can’t be kept out of the lineup… He racked up 3 more RBI’s last night with a HR and a 2B. Adrianza will be the oddest man out. He has minor league options still available and isn’t seen as a future cornerstone, but he’s been promising at times this, always playing solid defense and coming up with some big hits.

Finally, there’s a new Venezuelan firecracker that’s exploded onto the scene in the last week.. Luis Arraez is the name, and pissing all over baseballs is his game.

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Just when we thought our lineup couldn’t get any more dangerous, Arraez arrived into Minneapolis with something to say about it.

How the fuck are Falvine and Rocco going to handle Cruz and Garver eventually coming back from injury? Do whatever it takes, I guess. Say goodbye Ehire.. Send down an extra pitcher… just find a way to keep all of these hot hitters in the Twin Cities. The difficult part though no matter who you keep up here, will be getting all 13 hitters enough playing time so they’re not thrown out of sync. There’s nothing a major league hitter hates more than too many off-days. When you’re in a groove, you don’t want anything to fuck with your flow.

How great is it to have 1st-place team problems like this? Instead of talking about firing people, we’re worried about having too many good ones. I’m sure this is an issue that Rocco welcomes with open arms. I mean… you could be a White Sox fan…

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Clem Clemans | Minnesota Sports Fan

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