Voice of Vikings Says J.J. McCarthy is a Longshot to Win QB2 Job

J.J. McCarthy, Minnesota Vikings
Credit: Andy Kenutis - Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are a couple weeks away from training camp beginning. The highs coming off drafting quarterback J.J. McCarthy are in the rear view mirror now.

It’s been quite clear, from day one, that the Vikings are only concerned with the long-term development plan of J.J. McCarthy, not how he can help them win in 2024. And they’ve been been quite good at tempering expectations of their rookie QB.

Are the Minnesota Vikings purposely pushing J.J. McCarthy down the depth chart?

But the voice of the Minnesota Vikings, Paul Allen (KFAN), took the tempering to another level this week, when he was asked on his “Nine to Noon” radio show about the Vikings’ quarterback situation, and how he thinks the depth chart currently stacks up.

For those hoping to see McCarthy start week one against the New York Giants, you are going to be disappointed. Because from what PA is hearing, McCarthy isn’t even the favorite to be named Minnesota’s QB2 by then.

“I would make it prohibitively favored in that it would be Sam Darnold starting, Nick Mullens as the backup, and then J.J. McCarthy as the third quarterback.”

“But this is an opportunity for McCarthy. ‘Puncher’s chance’ would be too strong, but [he has a] long-ish shot fashion to win the two job, in training camp. And I don’t necessarily know if it’s going to happen, but I would make three quarterbacks on the active roster prohibitively favored.”

Paul Allen (KFAN – 9 to Noon)

Does that mean McCarthy isn’t even good enough to win the backup quarterback position or are the Vikings doing everything they can to avoid seeing him in action anytime soon?

It’s not much of a surprise that the Minnesota Vikings will roll into the season opener with Sam Darnold leading the way, but the fact that McCarthy is a “long-ish shot fashion” to win the backup job, is quite interesting. According to PA, even saying that J.J. has a “puncher’s’ chance” to win QB2, feels like too strong of wording…

Quarterbacks drafted in the top-10 statistically are never pushed down the depth chart that far, so this signals that the Vikings are intentionally trying to avoid McCarthy seeing an NFL field anytime soon.

J.J. McCarthy will make the 53-man roster, but is another quarterback drafted by the Minnesota Vikings on his way out?

Not only did Allen give his best prediction on the quarterback depth chart heading into the 2024 NFL season, but he also noted how the Minnesota Vikings will keep only three quarterbacks. This means that 2023 5th-round draft pick Jaren Hall is the odd man out.

Hall struggled mightily in the limited time he saw the field last season. That led to him getting benched in the New Year’s Eve game, against the Green Bay Packers. Hall struggled last season, but it sounds like the Vikings’ still hope to stash him on the practice squad.

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Keeping four quarterbacks makes zero sense. Darnold will be the starting quarterback, heading into the season. If J.J. isn’t going to start, that means he isn’t ready yet. And if he isn’t deemed “ready”, it’s clear KOC doesn’t want McCarthy on the field. The Vikings head coach does not want him to be “one play away” from being inserted into a situation he isn’t ready for.

In the end, the MN Vikings’ coaching staff has been adamant about their long-term development plan for McCarthy. He will see the field when he is ready, and not a moment sooner. And until that time comes, Vikings’ fans will need to show patience.

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