Minnesota Vikings News and Notes – Week 6

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - SEPTEMBER 18: Fans arrive outside of U.S. Bank Stadium before the Minnesota Vikings played the Green Bay Packers on September 18, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Packers 17-14. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Bradford Aggravates Knee Injury in Monday Night Football:

Sam Bradford had another MRI on Tuesday and Certified Athletic Trainer, Eric Sugarman, said Sammy Sleeves is dealing with “wear and tear in his knee joint”.

Sugarman went on to say:

“And I think it’s very important — I’ve known most of you now for over a decade — we would never put a player on the field that we thought could not protect himself. So I think that’s really important for me to mention. Sam at some point obviously aggravated his knee [on Monday].”

“These injuries are very difficult to manage and treat,” Sugarman said. “You’re going to ask when Sam’s going to be back. One day at a time, really. Like all players, we’re going to look at Sam [Wednesday] and evaluate him.”

“I don’t know if it was a misstep,” Sugarman said. “He showed me the play, I can’t regurgitate it to you, but he got his knee in a funny angle and aggravated the knee joint and that’s where it all started.”

With everything we have seen so far, this process isn’t going to be quick. I expect this to drag on. It will be Case Keenum’s show for the foreseeable future. Will it last into week 7-11, when we expect Teddy to be cleared and hit the active roster? Probably.

Teddy Bridgewater to be Reevaluated Next Week:

This is going exactly as expected. If you have been with Minnesota Sports Fan from the beginning then you know we have been following the Teddy Bridgewater story for months. We have been digging in to his timeline and possible outcomes since it is hard to find any information on it.

As we start to get closer, the process is starting to unfold. It was reported today that Teddy will be reevaluated by doctors next week. That makes sense since he needs to be cleared next week to be eligible for Free Agency, at the end of the season. A healthy Teddy Bridgewater is likely worth $10-15 million on the open market.

If Teddy doesn’t get medically cleared by next week and come off the PUP List by week 11, he would NOT be eligible for Free Agency. His contract would toll and he would still be a Viking next season…… at the same $1.35 million. That is a lot of money left on the table. If you are hurt, you are hurt. However, if he is healthy, he is going to want that extra $10-15 million.

The Nation Weighs in on Duck-Duck-Grey Duck:

There is a lot to talk about in the world of the Minnesota Vikings this week. However, Tuesday’s biggest discussion revolved around a game we all played when we were kids – Duck-Duck-Grey Duck

Last night Case Keenum threw a Touchdown to Kyle Rudolph and he tested out a new TD celebration.

Most people around the country took to social media to talk about the new celebration that focused on a game called Duck-Duck-Goose. They were then corrected by the nice Minnesotans we are, on how they are all wrong.

Many Minnesotans come from Sweden where the game is often called Anka Anka Grå Anka (Duck, Duck, Grey Duck). It is also much better for many other reasons. Deadspin jumps into some of that here:

“Duck, duck, goose” is boring. It relies on a simple binary: The kid you’re tapping is either “duck” or “goose.” The words aren’t phonetically similar, so basically as soon as the “it” kid begins forming that first consonant sound, you know what’s happening.

“Gray duck,” though, introduces nearly infinite variations. The first, most obvious one—the one all kids figure out right away to add some spice to the game—is to psych them out with a well-placed “green duck.” Soon you’re drawing out the “grrrr” as long as you can to keep the other kids guessing.

Adrian Peterson Gets Traded from New Orleans to Arizona; More Legal Trouble in MN:

News broke today that another team has given up on Adrian Peterson. After a season-ending injury to David Johnson, the Cardinals traded a 6th round pick to New Orleans to acquire Adrian. Peterson should get what he wants with this trade. He should get 15-25 carries a game. He will get his final chance to prove himself as a worth NFL running back. Recently, Adrian has struggled, but his supporters will argue the amount of carries he is getting in New Orleans and the horrendous offensive line he had in his last couple games with the Vikings.

He will have his chance to prove us nay-sayers wrong.

Breaking later today on Peterson is more legal trouble haunting him from Minnesota. This seems to be with Crown Bank on a $600,000 defaulted loan. Here is the story from the Star Tribune:

Dalvin Cook ACL Surgery a Success:

Dalvin Cook had his ACL surgery by famed Dr. James Andrews. It was considered a success by all involved. Chris Tomasson of the Pionneer Press has a source that claims Dalvin will be 100 percent by Training Camp of next season and Certified Athletic Trainer, Eric Sugarman agrees.

“No real further damage in his knee, thankfully. Pretty straight ACL. And I’d hope to expect him at training camp next year.”

This is big news on the Dalvin Cook front and the Vikings were able to breathe a small sigh of relief. Now, Dalvin will go on with his rehab and try to get back to that 100 percent mark he is striving for.

There is a lot going on the in the world of the Minnesota Vikings. If you want to see the recap from Monday Night Football with pall the big highlights you can read our recap.

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