Minnesota Vikings Keep Winning Yet Drop in NFL Power Rankings

Week 13 of ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings has the Minnesota Vikings ranked 5th-best in the league. In their previous week’s version, they had the Purple in 4th. The fact we dropped a spot is baffling to #SkolNation. What makes it even better? The L.A. Rams are now ahead of us. The same Rams that the Vikings just dominated two weeks ago.

My thoughts exactly. How did we beat an above .500 Lions team on the road, but fall on the list? On top of that, how did the Rams jump up to 3rd? Prior to our Thanksgiving Day victory, we dusted those rats. Our now 9-2 squad rattled off 24 unanswered against Goff, Gurley II, and company. We also have one more win under our belt. All L.A. did last week was barely squeak out a home-win vs. the Saints. We steamrolled New Orleans in Week 1.

Q: What is the logic behind these rankings?

A: These rankings are based on which teams voters think would win head-to-head matchups. Higher-ranked teams would be favored against lower-ranked teams. Coming off a win doesn’t guarantee a jump, and a loss doesn’t guarantee a fall.

Head-to-head? WE BEAT THEM! This shit makes ZERO sense. Our defense didn’t allow a point after the Rams opening drive. Case and the boys chalked up 450+ yards on the other side of the ball. Time of Possession: MN – 37:22, LA – 22.38. I could keep going, but you get my point. The Vikings absolutely controlled every facet of that game on their way to a 24-7 victory.

80+ people were involved in creating these rankings. Are half of them from L.A.? They’re giving me a Russian figure skating judge vibe. Absurd. The tape doesn’t lie:


All jokes aside, I’m fine with their backwards thinking. It’s motivation. That’s bulletin board material. With the defending NFC Champion, Atlanta Falcons, on the horizon, the timing is perfect. We’re currently SECOND, overall in the NFC. The earlier mentioned Rams and Saints are right on our heals.

The last thing we can afford is any sort of complacency. Minnesota should have a little extra chip on their shoulder Sunday, because of this disrespect. If it ends up helping Mike Zimmer and company get the job done, I’ll take it.

As for the rest of the rankings, there isn’t much noteworthy. Philadelphia remained at the top. The defending Super Bowl Champion, Patriots, are runners-up. I wonder if they’re having Eli Manning flashbacks.

Here is the Top Ten:

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