Should the Minnesota Twins Trade Miguel Sano for Chris Archer?

This was nearly an article about the Vikings banged up O-line. That was the game plan, until early Wednesday. The announcement that Minnesota signed RHP Michael Pineda got my Twins’ juices flowing. So, screw it. In lieu of the 2019 signing, let’s double down on some 2018 Twins talk.

There are a plethora of teams interested in trading for Archer. As of the Pineda signing, it is un-clear what Tampa Bay would require in return for the 2x All-Star.

Here is an idea:

As for “who would say no,” I’m uneducated on the opinions of Tampa Bay fans. In regards to Minnesotan’s, there are plenty who would object:

However, there are a fair share of people on the opposite side of the fence. Whether it’s concern over injury or something else (you’re Chris Archer’s cousin), many seem more than prepared to ship out Miguel Sano.

There is NO questioning the Dominican born Sano’s talent. We all saw that over the first half of last season. Sano was the first Twin since Justin Morneau (2009) to have 20 home runs at the All Star break. Any manager would love having his big right-handed bat in their lineup:


If you saw the first half of last year, I’m assuming you saw the second. This Twins ball-club had an extremely impressive, exciting stretch. A stretch that resulted in a playoff appearance and Paul Molitor winning A.L. Manager of the year. All of that (basically) was accomplished without Miguel Sano. The early season MVP candidate missed (basically) all of the rest of the second half due to a shin injury. Surgery was ultimately needed and performed on November 17th.

When it comes to Sano, you don’t know what you are going to get. The exact opposite is true for Tampa Bay pitcher, Chris Archer. Over the last four seasons, the 6’2″ right hander hasn’t started less than 32 games. During each of those years, Archer has finished with an E.R.A between 3.23 and 4.07.

Numbers don’t lie:


They don’t lie, but they can be deceiving. For example; his 51-63 career record: On the surface, those aren’t All-Star numbers. However, a healthy chunk of those loses can be attributed to a lack of run support. Just last season, the Rays ranked 25th in runs.

He’s not Clayton Kershaw. At the same time, no disrespect to Big Sexy, but…you get the point. If Archer was acquired, he’d immediately slide in with Santana and Berrios at the top of the rotation (Pineda will miss most/all of 2018 due to Tommy John). Falvey and Levine could bank on him for 200+ innings and start plugging other holes.

Who the hell is Chris Archer’s agent? How’d that guy let his near Rookie of the Year Winning client agree to his current contract? The Rays are getting the 2x All-Star at a discount.

If you include team-options, Chris Archer is under terms for four more years. The total cost of those four years is $33.75 million. In comparison, Jake Arrieta is rumored to be valued around $25 million PER YEAR in the free agent market. The former Cy-Young winner is three years older than Archer. You do the math.

Miguel Sano’s agent is the Jay-Z owned, Roc Nation Sports. When it comes his turn to get paid, it won’t be at a bargain. That’s not how Hova operates.

All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be the person to make this decision. If you held the proverbial gun to my head and forced me to decide…I’d do it. The injury concern gets to me. Regardless, if i hit send on trading away Miguel Sano, I’d immediately fear vomit. The nerves associated with trading away that talent is only for the mentally tough. A Dr. Phil type of move.

Unless you have a crystal ball (if you do, DM me), there is no way to know the best way to handle the option of trading our third baseman. In regards to the perplexing Sano for Chris Archer proposal, MLB Analyst Derek Wetmore summed it up best:

If you disagree with my stance, that’s more than fair. Keeping Sano and attempting to bolster our pitching through free agency is very logical. Your optimism regarding our 24 year-old is appreciated. If he can stay healthy, you’re 100% in the right.

Hey Miguel – Make me eat crow. Let’s go big boy! Not everyone at Minnesota Sports Fan agrees with me either…

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