Royce Lewis Knows What We Know, What Twins Know, What Everybody Knows

Royce Lewis, Minnesota Twins
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The Minnesota Twins got back on the winning track on Wednesday at Target Field vs the Colorado Rockies, and they did it in rather offensive fashion, putting up 17 runs on 24 hits, blasting the Rockies out of Minneapolis on getaway day.

Carlos Correa had the first five-hit day of his career. Carlos Santana collected four RBI, Eight Twins players recorded multiple hits and TEN Twins players recorded an RBI. Royce Lewis fell into both of those categories, going 3 for 5 with 2 RBI and… another homer.

It was the team’s best offensive day of the season and it couldn’t have come at a perfect time, because this is a group of hitters that has been looking for its groove all season. You know what else they have been missing most of the season?

Royce Lewis is the man and his Minnesota Twins teammates know it

More like *who* they’ve been missing. The aforementioned Royce Lewis. The Minnesota Twins offense goes to a completely different level when he is in it. Carlos Correa is the leader of this clubhouse and he is the one making all the money, but Royce Lewis is the best player on this baseball team.

Royce is to the Twins what early-to-mid-20s Carlos Correa was to the Houston Astros backe when they were banging trash cans and winning championships. He creates the vibe of the lineup. Carlos Correa said it best today when he talked about his five hits (all singles), noting that Lewis hits behind him. And when you get on base for Royce, good things happen.

How good has the 26-year-old oft injured blossoming superstar been this season? In 30 at bats, he is hitting .367, with 8 RBI, 5 HR an absolutely absurd 1.327 OPS. But none of these numbers should be surprising.

When Royce Lewis has been in the Minnesota Twins lineup, he has mashed. Period. His career batting average is up to .314 and his career OPS is creeping dangerously close to 1.000, a .956. He’s no up to 237 career at bats in his Major League career, spread over three different seasons.

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In other words, this is a guy who has proven that he smacks baseballs every single time he is given the opportunity. And not only that, but he does it when it matters. As previously stated, Royce Lewis is the man, plain and simple. He’s a king, he’s him, he is whatever you like to call your favorite superstar.

But don’t ask me, ask him. Well, you don’t have to because reporters did after today’s offensive explosion. How does he continue to mash baseballs every moment of his career where he is healthy? Because that’s just what he does. If he is healthy, he beats the shit out of baseballs. It’s literally his job.

“Honestly, I feel like at this point, it’s just who I am. I just play the game, I have fun and I do what I do. And now it’s just a matter, for me, what all my teammates, people that are around me and [coaching] staff here are telling me, this is what you do, so we just need you healthy. And obviously, I know that. It’s not like I’m choosing not to be [healthy]. So, we’ll just keep fighting to be out there every day and have fun with my teammates.”

Royce Lewis (above) on being the man and trying to stay healthy

I know we used to talk about how good Byron Buxton was when he was a bit younger and was able to stay healthy, but Royce is on an even higher level than that. Only 15 players in MLB history have hit as many home runs he has in their first 79 MLB games. This is a dude who’s biggest knock when he was drafted was his projectable power stroke.

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Instead, his career has become about staying healthy. The most games that Royce Lewis has played without getting hurt was last season from August 15 to September 19, when he played 32 games between injury list stints.

He then hit the injury list for a couple weeks, before returning for the playoffs on October 3. Wednesday was Lewis’ eighth game since returning from injury on June 4. So… cross your fingers, Twins fans, because your favorite team needs their best player on the field.

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