Minnesota Twins Not Expecting Any Players to Opt-Out of Reporting to Camp

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Players around Major League Baseball are reporting to their respective cities for the start of June 1 “camp” (or whatever you call it), in prelude to the pandemic-shortened 60-game season that starts later the same month. Well, most players are. There are a few guys around the league who are opting not to play in 2020. Reportedly though, the Minnesota Twins aren’t expecting anyone from their roster to opt-out.

There was a story written recently about the Buxton family expecting another baby, and how that might play into his decision to play in 2020. Other players on the club have expressed concerns, too.

Add in the seriousness of the issues Miguel Sano dealt with last week, back in the Dominican Republic… and Twins fans are feeling pretty relieved to hear that all members of the 2020 Bomba Squad will be arriving in the Twin Cities this week.

Minnesota Twins Broadcast Notes

If you are wondering where you will watch Minnesota Twins games this season, you’d better call and be sure your cable provider offers your local Fox Sports North Regional Channel because it looks like that’s where all 60 games will be televised.

No Paycuts, Layoffs or Furloughs for Pohlads

Sherry covered it for us, but “cheap” hasn’t been the adjective to best-describe the Pohlad family over the last couple of years. That especially stands true over the last few months.

Sure, they and the Minnesota Twins organization can afford to bear the financial burden of the Coronvirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean they have to. Many around sports and on top of other businesses around the world, are facing the same decisions as the the Pohlads… and are going about things in a much different manner.

I will happily applaud them for this move and you should to.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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